About ZZM

Raising kids is sorta like a sort of demented two-step done in a muddy ditch: dirty, messy, full of twists and turns, easier to navigate with a partner or two, and best made up as you go along.

Zig Zag Mama is a compendium of essays and ephemera dreamed up by me, Erin: a young mama with a high-need baby girl, a busy writing career and an irresistible urge to spill my guts all over the internet.

My goals: to make you laugh, to make you think, and to remind you, over and over, that you haven’t yet mucked up everything completely. Thanks for visiting.


Meet Erin

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Erin and Baby G, lounging at home.

I’m Erin, newly minted girlmom to Baby G and wife to Emiliano. I’m a Portland-based lifestyle content writer, editor and photographer out to document the glorious mess that is parenthood. I’m excited to share the stories of friends and fellow Zig Zag Mamas (and Papas) on these pages as well.

I’m also available for freelance lifestyle content writing, editing and photography work. You can check out my professional portfolio here: www.ejbwritingstudio.com.